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Let's find that middle name of yours.

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Brand Strategy

A fancy way of saying "helping you define who you are."

Brand strategy is the key to helping businesses and organizations find their middle name. We like to think of brand strategy as a plan for your brand based on four things: who you are, who your competitors are, who you are talking to, and how you talk to them.

Brand strategy takes you through a series of meetings and exercises to help you find the answers to those questions. When we can answer those questions together, we end up with your middle name: that golden centre of who you are and how you want to present yourself to your people in light of your competition and the market.

To cap the brand strategy off, we help you come up with a plan to cut through the wild amount of noise we all live with and connect with the people you really want to connect with.

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Verbal Identity

A fancy way of saying "writing words for your brand."

Once you've established your middle name, you have to tell your people what it is. For that, you're gonna need some words; words like your brand's name, maybe a tagline, an elevator pitch, and some way to say what you do and why you do it. But what you say is just as important as how you say it.

If you have a brand, you have a story to tell. And people love a good story. Part of a verbal identity is helping you craft that story (establishing the characters, setting, and plot) and then figuring out how to tell that story by establishing your brand's tone of voice.

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Visual Identity

A fancy way of saying "making images for your brand."

Your brand's logo isn't just a symbol to help people recognize and remember you. Your logo is a chance to tell your people who you are; your middle name. It can help tell your brand's story, show your brand's personality, and even give your people a feeling of what experiencing your brand is like. But a visual identity is more than a logo.

A visual identity is all of the visual pieces of your brand working together. Colours, icons, typography, textures, photos, videos, illustrations, and more; all working together in glorious harmony with your verbal identity to create a 360-degree view of your middle name for all your people to see.

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